Going to Hood River

Greetings to the three or four of you that read this … bless you.

The last couple of days have been a frantic series of events to get the old Winnebago ready for tomorrow’s trip to Hood River. It’s only about 100 miles, and a good test to see just how far this thing will go before it breaks. Next month the trip will be waaay longer. Like 3 times farther. So, this will be an opportunity to get the wrinkles out of it.

Part of the frantic series of events was a golf date with my friend Doug. Diane told me I had to go. That was the first time out this year for either one of us. Actually, that’s probably the first time I’ve been out in over a year. Seems like it, anyway. To save a couple of bucks on future rounds, and to ensure we go again, we both joined the men’s club at the St. Helens course. It’s close, and easy. I say that because I’m so consistently bad at it. But, it’s always fun to go golfing with Doug and I look forward to the next round.

After golfing I came home and got Diane’s TV installed in the RV. All that’s left is for me to suck up all the sawdust I got on her bed, then make more sawdust to cut a hole for the power and cable. Guess I’ll cut the hole first. Doubt if there will be much need for TV during this trip because we’ll mostly visit. There’s no cable connection where we’ll be. I’d bring our DirecTV DVR, but then things wouldn’t record while we’re gone. That means, of course, we’ll have to get another DVR. Or, fork over some big bucks for a satellite antenna for the RV.

Diane was gone to serve at Community Meals when I returned from my grueling nine holes. It would have been worse had we walked, but we always get a cart. Since I hadn’t eaten much for breakfast, I was pretty hungry. Having to fend for myself I made it easy by eating all the left over ham (about a pound), two eggs, and two pieces of toast. With rasberry jam. Shortly after that I was reminded why I normally don’t eat large quantities of ham … it gives me horrible headaches. Ya gotta wonder how I could forget something like that, don’t you? Well, sometimes I just bite the bullet and deal with it because it tastes good. Besides, I have drugs to deal with the headaches. I had it all afternoon, and woke up with it this morning at which time I implemented the fix, which is a subdermal shot in my hip with a handy vial of Imitrex. Then I took a short nap and the headache miraculously went away.

Today I woke refreshed, and pain free. All that was the matter was I couldn’t close my hands into fists because I was all swollen up from the salty ham and eggs. It went away fairly quickly, however, which was good. I think it was my 3rd cup of coffee that did it. Maybe the 4th.

Then Diane and I installed the new awning material we received from a nice UPS guy a few days ago. It wasn’t to tough to do, and we learned a new skill that may come in handy one day. I also learned how to add tension to the nifty springs in the roller, but had to make a tool to do it to keep from losing a couple of fingers, or an eye. After we got it on it started raining like crazy so it got a good rinse. Then the sun came out and dried it off and I rolled it up. I used the old pull down strap, because neither of us could find the new one, and it disappeared about 3 turns from the end. So, it’s kind of useless. But, I know how to get it open.

After that, Diane went back to the Girl Room to continue on the curtains she’s been making for the last few days. For the RV. And I went to work to install the shiny gas cover that I retained from the 1968 RV we salvaged. I think that’s the only thing we kept. It’s got a key and everything. I had to get creative with some more sheet metal to install it and I got to use my pop rivet gun again. That’s a handy tool to have. I love to pop rivet stuff.

In the middle of that I was ordered to replace the living room curtain brackets in the RV to accomodate the new curtains Diane made, then we installed them. They look great! She lined the original privacy curtains that cover the windshield and side windows in the cockpit, so all that’s left now is the three windows in the bedroom area. Interesting stuff, huh?

My ears are ringing so it must be time for bed. That, and it’s 10:31 pm. And, I’m tired.


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