Easter Sunday

It’s almost 9:00 pm and now that I think about it, the day has been pretty long, lazy, and I didn’t eat even one piece of chocolate. I did, however, have a cookie that had chocolate pieces in it, but that doesn’t count.

The day began at 5:30 am when we woke up so we could attend our church’s sunrise service in the cemetery. That didn’t happen until 7:00 am so we had plenty of time to grind up some beans and make coffee to get the day started. The dog thought that getting up that early was pretty cool, too, because they got to go outside earlier, and stay longer.

It was chilly during the service, but it wasn’t raining. Many sunrise services have been rained out in the past. We were all gathered near Diane’s Dad’s (Mel) grave, and not far from our son, Brad grave. During the service we Pastor tried to teach us a new song which didn’t work out so well. He’s always trying new songs on us but it’s difficult to figure them out when all we have are the words. But, it makes things kinda interesting.

After the early service we all retired to the church basement for breakfast which was provided by a number of folks including Jennifer. That’s Jennifer, our daughter. It was very good. Once that was over we brought Cedric & Jeran home with us. We didn’t know where Lydia was so we just left her figuring she would call if there was a problem. She is, after all, a teenager now. On the way home we got a call from her friend’s Mom saying they had hijacked Lydia for the day.

When we got home we chained Cedric and Jeran to chairs in front of the TV so they would have to watch, then we took naps. They also had a tray with cookies, sodas, chips and cheese so they wouldn’t go hungry. This worked well until it was time for us to go back to the late service at 10:25 am. Then we had to lock them up in the basement so they wouldn’t bother people walking by on the road. That’s why we have the dogs. That’s their job.

Like normal, we took Diane’s Mom, Jean, with us. Before we left we heated up the oven and stuffed in a tray of generic lasagna for lunch and set it to terminate at 11:30 am. The service ran a little late, as expected, and we had to stop by Safeway for french bread, and pick up the boys … oh … that’s right! Jennie took the boys with her when she left breakfast, not us. We picked them up on the way home after the late service. So, we didn’t tie them up, or lock them in the basement after all. That must have been on another day. I get them mixed up.

We didn’t get home until after noon-o’clock, but the lasagna was OK. Didn’t burn up or anything and was very tasty. After eating, we tied the boys up in front of the TV and took a nap. It’s true that Lydia was hijacked by her friend, and we didn’t see her until almost 5:00 pm. At 7:00 pm Diane picked Jennie up from work and brought her home to eat lasagna. By then the boys were hungry again, so they cleaned it up. Lydia had some too. While she was waiting for it to warm up she cooked a package of Ramen to tide her over. The way those kids eat, it’s a good thing Jennie works at Safeway. I had a ham sandwich. On french bread.

I read a little bit of USA Today news on my iPad this evening and learned that Kodak has filed for bankruptcy and requested permission to pay 300 or their 7600 employees $13.7 million in bonuses. That seems fair, doesn’t it? Reminds me of the Enron days when they owned PGE while I worked there. While our stock, and 401k’s were going down they drain the executives doled out millions to themselves to kinda clean up the loose cash they had laying around. Apparently most of that was legal which I don’t find surprising. the CEO of PGE was paid $900 thousand a year in bonus money for a few years to ensure she would stay on the job. Nice.

OK. Now I’m depressing myself so I’m getting off that subject.

I think I’ll just quit for today. Hope everyone had a pleasant Easter Sunday and, for those of you who hid eggs in the house, I hope you found all of them. They get pretty nasty after a couple of months.

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