The Porch Cat Has A Name!

First, I gotta tell you that I was pretty excited yesterday because 102 people viewed the blog. I had no idea I knew that many people! Then, today, 2 people from Cuba looked at it. Amazing! I wonder why … They were probably just accidents when someone clicked the wrong button.

Now, the cat. We appreciate the three suggestions we had for names – Beazus, Razor, and Oreo and had a hard time choosing. Finally, after an extended period of time in the bathroom, I decided Oreo wasn’t too bad. The only problem was it didn’t adhere to the criteria of having a “z”, or beginning with a “B”. Thankfully, that didn’t matter because Diane made the final decision by choosing “Breezie” which is is more fitting, and descriptive, because she really wasn’t a porch cat, she was a breezeway cat. What a perfect name. So, all the criteria was observed. She’s currently laying in Diane’s lap, playing with a sock monkey, watching Dancing With The Stars. I think Diane’s watching it, too.

Today was a beauty and things are good. My ditch is still draining off water from up the hill, keeping the driveway dry, Jeff returned my cutoff saw, I got all of the lawn mowed, bagged, and dumped, the cat got a name, and my cat scratch is healing nicely. So is the dog bite. Here’s what the cat looks like — kinda like a Jersey Cow, don’t you think?

Interesting thing, before I started mowing, I went to the Chevron station to get a gas can filled because I knew I’d run out before it was finished. Actually, it’s not a can because it’s plastic. It should be a gas plastic for grammatical correctness or, as Jack would say, “true speak.” Anyway, I left the gas “thing” in the driveway while I mowed the front, worked my way around the side, to the back, and was about halfway done before the mower quit. So, I walked all the way back up the hill, to the driveway, carried the “thing” to the middle of the field and filled the tank. Wore me out because it’s about a mile and a half. At least. I would have filled it before I started, which was my initial intention but something else got my attention and made me forget. I think it was when the mower started. But, I got the lawn finished just in time to get cleaned up so I wouldn’t embarrass Diane at our Lion’s Club International meeting this evening. Lyle and Ruth are Lion’s members, too, but they never show up at our meetings. Probably because they live in Connecticut. Tonight’s meeting was important to me because I was in charge of the program. It was an easy one, however, because our friend, Randy, did all the work. You can see what he does by checking out his web site: — what a guy! Randy is open for speaking engagements, if you’re interested.

I  just looked at the clock on my trusty computer and see that, once again, it’s 22:22. Interesting. That happened last night, too. I think it was last night. There’s something odd about recurring numbers in people’s lives, don’t you think? Maybe that should be the topic for tomorrow, unless something really interesting happens. So far all that’s on the schedule is that Diane has jury duty for a local mass murderer, and I have a dentist appointment. She always gets to do the fun stuff …

5 thoughts on “The Porch Cat Has A Name!

  1. Jerrie you don’t know your cows very well…. I never saw Jersey that was black and white like the “Holstien cows are” , He is cute bugger….and a real keeper……..

      • She’ll be cute right up until she has about a dozen kittens. Hopefully we can remedy that before that becomes a possibility. If the vet makes fun of me for thinking she’s a girl, because she may not be, I’m changing her name to Buzz.

  2. As for tomorrow’s blog…you can write about how Lydia makes you sore with her pitching. Or how she hurt you if you fail to catch one of the fast moving hard yellow things she throws. But, my hope is she just gives you a good maybe the dentist will be more entertaining. I like the name Breezie..

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