Subarus, Chevys, and Grass

Greetings to all humans within the range of my electronical sphere. I bow to you. I applaud you. I adore you. I wish that I could reach out through this mechanical/electrical device and physically touch you all, to enjoy the sublime healing essence of your humanity for just a tiny little bit.

Here on my planet I’m on a quest to see how long I can go without touching anyone. It’s kind of like fasting. Essentially, touching is forbidden unless it’s necessary to save a life, or pass out hugs and/or handshakes for greeting and parting, or to punch someones lights out for doing something really dumb, or to get your lights punched out for doing something really dumb.

Hmmm. In review, it appears that touching isn’t forbidden after all. I guess I can file that away as an accomplished task. How handy.

Now, how about some news on something really important? OK? OK.

Yesterday, after studying real hard, I replaced all the rear brake parts I could remove from our new 1996 Subaru Impreza Outback Sport. I just started taking out nuts and bolts until everything got loose enough that I could remove the offending parts. Once that was done, I put everything into a box and installed all the new stuff I had purchased. I did this for both rear wheels and, fortunately, wound up with just the old parts. I managed to find places to install all the bolts and nuts I’d removed. Since they seemed to fit, I could only surmise they were in the correct location. And, nothing fell off when I was done, so I now consider myself a Subaru Brake Expert (Sbe) and will, henceforth, include those laudable initials after my name whenever I sign something. It will be added to the other symbols of success I currently use, like: AA, MCI, AT&T, ABC, Arco, etc … It’s as good as a Phd. Well, maybe not quite as good, but it looks important.

I also mowed the entire yard, yesterday. I can only do that when Diane is absent, or locked safely in the house, because the odor of cut grass causes her breathing tubes to swell up, making it difficult for her to breath. So, I waited until she departed to participate in one of her benevolent endeavors then got to work. It takes me three hours to do the entire area using a 54″ mower deck, and only about 1/4 of it is flat. So, I spend most of my time trying to not fall off. I was hoping to get done early enough to get the old truck running, but the mowing didn’t get done until 1930 last night. I was tired, covered with grass, and needed a shower, so I quit.

Today I’ll get the old truck running. I’ll get the old Mantis running, too. I have the parts, and what I lack in knowledge about how to do those things I’ll make up for with luck, and an occasional phone call to someone who really DOES know how to do those things.

My truck. It’s a 1968 Chevy C20. The engine is a BBC 454 bored over to 462, and creates about 500 hp, when it runs. I use it to haul “stuff” to the dump, and one day will do some serious work on it to make it “pretty”. Right now it’s about fifty shades of grey. Diane hates it and wishes I’d sell it. She said she won’t ride in it until it has a clean interior, is lower to the ground, and has been painted. She won’t let me take it to car shows or cruise ins. Only to the dump. One of these days I’ll surprise her and make it worthy of a cruise in.

It’s raining right now. Not hard, just a drizzle. Since I’m going to be working under the truck hood, that won’d matter. What I have to do is rearrange all the spark plug wires in a manner that facilitates proper ignition of each spark plug at the proper time in the engines rotational journey. I have two choices, depending on how the distributor was installed many, many years ago. I’ve tried both, so far, and neither worked. So now I’m replacing the points, which provide the necessary spark for the plug at the proper moment. At this time, that isn’t happening. It’s really a simple process but, like everything else I do, making it difficult is more enjoyable. I feel gratified in the end when everything works because I learned something along the way. I’m sure I’ll quickly forget it, but it was all there for a brief period of time.

Wish me luck.

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