Heat! Finally!

Greetings … The heat came back on about 3:30 pm, PST. The installer arrived before 8:30 am and got right to work. We lucked out and got Jake again. He’s the one who installed our gas fireplace and he does an excellent job.

While Jake worked, Diane fiddled around in the Girl Room, with a heater, while I slaved away in the cold basement dismantling old computers. They’ve been stacking up for years and I figured it was time for them to go away, or get repaired. Of the six I had, only one was resurrected. The remaining five were stripped of every screw, and piece of plastic. Power supplies were dismantled, fans salvaged, and hard drives torn apart. I’ve always wanted to do that … tear a hard drive apart. That went well until I got to the magnets and about got my finger snapped off. They are extremely powerful little devils.

Now I have to stop because Diane just returned with supper. She was going to drive to the mail box, then thought that was a little excessive, so I suggested she continue on to Burgerville for a couple of hamburgers and stop at the mail box on the way home. She thought that was a good idea.

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