Got Gout?

Today I was forced to spend the majority of my day visiting the VA Clinic, Goodwill, and Costco. Everything was going OK until about the 2nd hour in Costco when my left big toe began to hurt. A lot.  I threatened to leave, but it was strongly suggested that I just sit on one of the available couch displays until I was summoned to exit the store. So I did. I waited. We finally left and I tried not to limp too much because I didn’t want to embarrass my escort, but it was difficult. Once in the car I was able to remove my shoes for which my feet were extremely thankful. It was a pleasant ride home.

On the way, however, we had to stop at a NAPA Autoparts store so I could buy some pin striping tape. The guy had to dig around in their back room, but he found what I needed and I left happy. It’s complicated, or I would explain … actually, it’s not complicated. I needed the tape so I could create a grid on an erasable white board for our church attendees can sign up for one of the various tasks available to them as a volunteer service effort. Doing that isn’t popular at our church. How about yours?

Once we got home I limped into the house, after we test drove a Cadillac CTS Station Wagon – ever seen one of those? – and Diane liked it, but said it didn’t “make her knees buckle.” So, we were allowed to go on home in the Buick.

When I got in the house I finally removed my socks and got a look at my poor big toe. The pain and look is very much like gout, but I’m not sure that’s it because I’ve only had gout in my right foot before. Getting it in the left foot is new. We talked about what may have caused it and narrowed it down to, perhaps, the sausage muffin I had for breakfast, or the giant Costco Polish dog. We’re not sure which one of those prepared meats it was, but it’s surely one of them. So, just to solidify the situation we had pepperoni pizza for supper. Tomorrow morning is going to be interesting when I check my blood sugar.

At the VA this morning my doctor revealed that I had lost 13 pounds since my last visit to her. She didn’t say 13 pounds of “what”, and I didn’t pursue it. She was proud of me so I just left it at that. I think my last visit was in August, but I’m not sure. I don’t keep track of stuff like that.

Brother Jack called this afternoon to report on our friend Jeff K. He’s the one who’s been in a coma for about 1.5 weeks. They did a brain scan and reportedly could not detect any brain activity. So, I call for your positive thoughts and prayers be directed toward his family and friends to cope with all of this.

Peace to you all.

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